When Nairobians Rain In Otenga Village

It is that time of the year again! It has been a great and interesting year full of so many challenges that have moved me several steps closer to achieving my dreams.

We all faced all kinds of challenges that we somehow came out of or still trying to wiggle our way out of. At the end of the day what counts is that you remain hopeful and derive lessons from every challenge that you face. Some of us even had new year resolutions that we were so committed to but got nowhere close to achieving them as they were only in our minds. If you achieved even just half of what you had planned to do in the year then here is a big KUDOS to you.

As I think about what I have achieved in the year 2015, I pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming. God has been very merciful and faithful to me the whole year. It almost feels like am so special and that He makes it his main agenda every day to just take care of me. Its like he does not delegate a single duty concerning me to His angels but prefers to take care of me personally.

Anywho, as we take a break from all that have held us from bonding with our folks back in the village, it is good to note that our folks are as important as our friends in the city.

I come from a culture that practices living together with your relatives as a normal thing. It was very overwhelming when I was growing up back then. There are times that I wished we did not have all these people crowding our nuclear family making us (the children of the house) scramble for whatever little food that was cooked as we were so many every meal time. If I had a magic wand, I would have wished everyone away then and be left with my close immediate family. Didn’t you at some point experience some not so good things courtesy of  the village folks? Coz I did!

  • Showing up at your doorstep without informing you prior,
  • once they arrive, you become responsible for their every meal and transportation including even the fare back to the village
  • Giving them the best dishes since they are ‘visitors’ as the rest of the family consistently feed on greens  like cows
  • Offering your bed as you sleep on the couch for the whole month that they are visiting
  • They run out of clothes so at times you share yours
  • Bother you with calls of ‘nisambazie( send me money/airtime)‘ or ask you for ‘sukari (Sugar)’ or ‘sabun’ (soap in luo)
  • Going back home and only carrying the negatives experiences with them to share with the whole village and not showing any gratitude for how hospitable you were. etc.etc the list is endless.

With time and age I realize that the fact that we lived in town did not make us any way more special than the people in the village. This is because when we go home to the countryside, we depend on them to give us the same help even if it is not in same kind of way. They come through for us in so many ways too;

  • teach us about our culture,
  • Treat us with care as they assume that we are delicate and not used to the countryside life
  • help us in running errands as we know almost nothing about where to get Household supplies during our stay there,
  • We also need them to remind us of the most important things in life like family by loving us regardless of their different ways of showing it,
  • Some even come very early in the morning to help you cook on the ‘three stones’ as they sympathize with you considering the amount of smoke you will inhale and also know you can not pull it off,
  • help in slaughtering the farm animals as you pretend to be too scared to do it
  • They also fetch water and firewood for you
  • Some even offer chicken or other animals to be slaughtered for you when you arrive
  • They come and cry with you during sad times and celebrate with you during happy times no matter who you are or how much you earn.
  • They protect your village investments while you are away in the city making money
  • Basically, they keep your well manicured nails intact for your grand return to the city where you will lie to your friends about all the adventurous things you did while in the village. When you get home, the people together with the domestic animals constantly run around to serve her/his majesty(you) since they want to make your stay very pleasant but you don’t appreciate it. Meanwhile, all you do was constantly give orders from under a mango tree with a plate full of local delicacies on your hand that you don’t get in the city. You only get up when its too cold to stay outside or when darkness falls.

They may not spend on us every once in a while in nice restaurants and pubs, dress in the latest fashion, visit you with bottles of wine and let you know when they plan to show up at your doorstep, Speak your city language, hold surprise parties for you or help you when you are very broke but they are very important to us and we cannot live without them even though we might cheat ourselves that we can.

As we travel for the festive season, let us all be very sensitive and caring to our relatives and the rest of the village/clan members for we remain a family no matter what. We need each other and no one is more special than the other. I advice that you blend in and drop your pretentious city swag.


  • Jp

    December 22, 12 2015 03:57:35

    Back to the village. Nice piece

    • Daisy Kwach

      December 23, 12 2015 04:13:31

      Thanks JP! Happy holidays!

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