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The Unlikely Meal

I consider myself as someone who was blessed with a good appetite. This does not necessarily mean that I have a village of Hyenas residing in my small tummy, but that am ok with tasting anything that looks appetizing regardless of the name or the origin.
I actually grew up as the most ‘foodious’ person in the family. That’s mainly because I liked tasting different types food before finally settling on the best dish that I would ferociously devour and call it a meal. Also, my mum ensured that every meal was like a party and that we always had a great variety of food to choose from. Most of the time we were 15 people or more per meal with only half of that number representing my actual family i.e my parents and siblings.  The rest were relatives or fans of the family.

It honestly was overwhelming at times but since  it was part of our culture then, we didn’t mind even though at times we would miss out on the food or get very small quantities owing to the large artificial family. My only survival tactic then was to have an easy stomach that could accommodate any type of food depending on what was available.
With that kind of appetite, I had a happy life as I would never go hungry and it was pretty obvious that I would be the last one standing in case of a long-term drought. Lol! (Was constantly told that I would eat up everyone first then myself before I finally eat my own heart and die).

Eish! I was not that much of a glutton but I loved tasting food, big difference! (Note the word ‘Tasting’)
However, this has gradually changed as I have grown up, grown out of it and become a ‘woman of substance’:) meaning that I now have freedom of choice.

Well, at least I thought I did until one day when I returned home from work so hungry and tired that I could eat my fingers if they were nicely roasted and served with kachumbari on the side.
You can imagine coming home from work having worked so much & so hard that you could not even get time for lunch. You bring that great appetite home expecting a magical meal to end your day with a great smile, then you are met by some not so interesting idea for supper.

I was so mad at my little sister for not caring at all about how hard I work and about the fact that I needed a nice juicy and meaty meal to end my day. Funny enough, she looked not so bothered as I threw my tantrums and complained about the food she had so lovingly prepared for her big sister.

Seeing that the harm was done and that I was too hungry to wait for her to prepare another meal, I decided to just go with it and serve the food. I looked at it with all manner of contempt as I made all kinds of yuuuck! sounds as I served. All this while she said nothing.

I sat down to eat the food just because I was hungry and not because I thought it was appetizing. On my first bite, I was not really sure of what I had just eaten. I could not really tell whether to like or spit it out. I took another bite and then it immediately dawned on me that I needed to either hug my sister or buy her something nice as form of apology since this meal was superlidociously delicious! Whatever that means…

How can a simple meal of Ugali, Sukuma wiki and Sossi (soya meat chunks) taste this good!? There was no meaty flavor added to it and yet it tasted even way better than meat itself! I have eaten Sossi with Chapati and Rice but never once did I ever think that I would eat it with Ugali! Actually the mere thought of it was an insult to the sanctity of my stomach. Then there comes this awkward moment when you know you have said all manner of negative things about  a meal before eating it, then you feast on it like you have just come from a long hard and dry stay in Turkana. Meanwhile as you feast, you  ignore the fact that the cook is staring at you with her mouth wide open. I can’t  say I apologized for my outburst but I told her to be cooking it again and again and again, ok it officially became one of my favorite meals:)

So before you end up reacting like I did, here is a small simple recipe on how you can go about preparing your sumptuous Sossi meal:Sossi


2 medium sized tomatoes

1 medium/ large sized onion

Garlic and 3/4 cup of hot water

Dhania( Corriander) or Pilipili Hoho (Green capsicum) -all optional

Oil and Salt


1. Pour the 45g  Sossi pieces into a bowl then pour 3/4 or 1 cup of hot water on the  peaces to make them tender and leave it for 2-5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile fry your nicely cut onions then add garlic and continue cooking until it turns to golden brown

3. Add your sliced tomatoes, dhania, Pilipili hoho etc to the onions and stir the mixture then cover for 1 minute for it to cook to a thick paste

4. Take your tender Sossi pieces and pour them in the cooked mixture and mix together till the pieces and the paste mixture have evenly mixed. Leave for 2-3 minutes then serve with either Ugali, Rice or Chapati e.t.c

I also realized that cooking is an art and you do not have to follow this recipe, but just the mere idea can help you come up with something way better than this. Also note that this is not a professionally written recipe hence my words may not be your normal kitchen vocabs.






  • Imbusi

    August 18, 08 2015 04:41:09

    Awesome story…i have witnessed you through the transition and i am sure your taste buds dont lie 🙂

    Professionally speaking,that recipe is too detailed having come from someone that is not versed from the field of food production…girl you are doing great and you have the marks to that kitchen.

    Well done.

    • Daisy Kwach

      August 19, 08 2015 01:00:15

      Aaaw! Thank you so much Imbu. That means a lot coming from the best Chief Chef ever!

  • Molvine Esther

    August 19, 08 2015 01:37:35

    I remember the day.
    Good job siz

    • Daisy Kwach

      August 19, 08 2015 02:49:01

      Lol! Talk about insulting the hand that cooks for you! My abundant apologies to her. Thank you Esther! Should write about your famous omena one of these days………

  • kamakazi

    August 23, 08 2015 08:33:58

    So hungry you could have eaten your fingers with some kachumbari …lol

    • Daisy Kwach

      August 25, 08 2015 07:34:12

      Kamakazi, hunger is a major fuel driving my passion and activities. As it is written, somewhere…’ The only loyal companion you have even after death is thy stomach’

  • Julez

    August 25, 08 2015 06:08:31

    You sure love your food girl….sossi can be that sweet?I have to taste to believe.Another well written piece

    • Daisy Kwach

      August 25, 08 2015 07:26:55

      Thanks Julez! Thanks for reminding me to get a move on and write this.

  • cliff cliff

    September 04, 09 2015 03:30:53

    wonderful.i love sossi but i prefer taking i after along time.with rice tastes great

    • Daisy Kwach

      September 07, 09 2015 09:37:28

      You should try it with Ugali. You will end up donating all the rice stock you have to me:)

  • cliff cliff

    September 04, 09 2015 03:35:05

    dee i like the way you explain this, its lyk you talking of a movie with you favorite actor in it

    • Daisy Kwach

      September 07, 09 2015 09:38:11

      Thank you Cliff!

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