DIY Word-Art……My Way

Am a firm believer in DIYs and I tend to make something anytime I get a light bulb moment. There are those times when you look around your house and you cant figure out what to do with your space. The idea of DIYs  help you get your creative juices flowing and your house/home beaming with excitement from your own personal touch.

You may not know it but you wake up everyday with new ideas that would be great if only they became a reality. Look at that blank wall in your house that you don’t know what to do with it and open your mind for ideas to flow, heck you can even Google or search for ideas on Pintrest. You might be shocked by what you will come up with.

In my case, I come up with different ideas every time and my favorite one is wall mounts, picture frames, etc. I make them out of different types and textures of paper. Look around your house and if you can find:

-a plain white paper or any colour you like

-a strong carton box

-marker pens [any colour you like]

-a clean and clear plastic bag

-clear cellotape

-Paper glue

-Cutter or a pair of scissors


1. Take the carton box and cut it into the size and shape you want i.e square, rectangle, triangle

2.Take the white plain paper and cover/wrap it over the cut piece of carton. Make sure the white plain paper is slightly bigger than the piece of carton to enable you cover one side of the carton tightly as parts of the plain paper overlap to the back.

3. Glue the overlapping plain paper parts at the back of the carton like you are wrapping a gift.

4. Take a slightly smaller white paper and cover the back of the carton as you glue it neatly.

5. Take your marker pen and write whatever words you would like on the clean front either using a stencil or your own handwriting or calligraphy if you are good at it.

6. Once you are done with writing, cover up the art piece with a clear polythene/plastic bag from the front to the back like you did with the white paper.

7. As the plastic bag overlaps to the back stick the overlapping parts on the white paper using cello tape like still like wrapping a gift.

8. Take your finished art piece and stick it on your wall using a cello tape that sticks on both sides.

As you walk around your house, you will be inspired by both the words and your creativity. Try it and be as creative as you possibly can!

Featured Image Source: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Check out my toilet word-art below:


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